Image result for happy smileys Image result for happy smileys This is the best excuse for those who don’t want to go out and Jog.
In fact, This applies to me also, I am a kind of person who looks fit no matter how much unhealthy food I eat. I never get fat. I got this from my mother. She also looks fit.
So, for me, jogging is for those who are unfit and unhealthy.Basically, this was an excuse for me to escape from Joggings.
This all has changed by one incident.
My friend came to my home and stayed for a week. She was a regular Jogger. One fine morning she forced me to wake up early and took me with her for Jogging.
On that day I realized the fact that what I was missing actually.
I missed the lot of things like:
The Silence: Yes, it was the first thing which came into my mind and which I was missing since years, as I never woke up early and walk out. In morning time when most of the people are still in bed, there is a peace everywhere in the outer world and you will feel connected to nature. You will see that the whole world is different.
Fresh Air: Only early risers can understand how good it feels to inhale fresh morning breeze. It is best for our lungs as it is pure and healthy, so inhale as much as you can. You will feel energetic.
More Friends: In Morning Joggings you will happen to meet many jogging groups who can influence you in a positive direction. you will have the chance to meet new people and to make new friends who are energetic and positive towards the world. I made so many friends who are now an integral part of my social life.
Positive thinking: After jogging, when I came back to my home, I felt more positive thoughts in my mind and focused towards my work.
Time-saving: Waking up early in morning will save your time and you will find more time to do your tasks which personally interests you. You will feel more organized.
Physical Fitness: Although you look fit and fine, but trust me while taking jogging into daily practice you will be actually fit internally. it improves energy level.
Increases life expectancy: ongoing Copenhagen City Heart study says that if you Jog daily then life expectancy will increase by 6.2 years for men and 5.6 years for women. Cheers!!!! Roughly, you will have 5 more years to celebrate !!!
When I discussed with my friend that what I have missed then she told me that you are missing one more thing i.e.” JOGSHOG” – A Jogging and fitness App. This App gave her a big boost to Jog and made her joggings organized.
From then onwards I am a regular Jogger and I Jog with my another best Friend Jogshog-Keep Fit, Keep Informed.

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